With our products we want to enable musicians to develop their full potential.

Glissando is a small team consisting of two engineers, a piano teacher and a mechanic.

The Glissando Idea

In 1999 we received a visit from Walter Mengler, a friend, cellist, inventor, author and husband of a piano teacher. He brought with him the idea of fundamentally changing the first minute of every piano lesson.
To do this, he wanted to invent a piano bench that could be easily and quickly adjusted to any desired height and also display the height so that every pianist could remember his or her sitting position.

That's how things got rolling and we defined our goals:
A piano bench with simple and silent height adjustment, in a classic design. For an ergonomic sitting posture at the piano. Above all: with an adjustment as fast as a glissando on the piano keys.
Less than a year later, the first Glissando piano bench was in Mengler's house.

And the idea became a plan:
We build high quality piano benches for sophisticated soloists. And for teaching in music colleges.
Or as a vision:
We're just going to build the best piano benches in the world.

What happened next?

We have distributed the first small series to piano teachers and music schools.
Dealers and piano manufacturing companies took notice, and we were able to expand our one-off production into a manufactory according to our vision. In the course of now 20 years, we have produced over 5000 Glissando comfort mechanisms, still carefully handcrafted.
We supply pianists, piano teachers, music schools and universities with Glissando piano benches directly from the factory. Clear and classic in design, stable and reliable in execution, they meet the requirements of our customers.
Our piano benches have a lifetime warranty and are repairable in any case.

How and where are the glissando piano benches created?

In the Glissando manufacture, everything is set up for handwork, from construction of the mechanics to woodworking, upholstery and packaging.
We are a team at eye level and with shared responsibility.
Careful and calm work is one of our principles. The subcontractors for metal components, carpentry and painting are regional master craftsmen. We have selected them to match our understanding of quality and communication.
We all work together to produce high-quality, durable and reliable products.