Children at the piano

How can we best support the great ones of tomorrow?

Children’s sitting posture at the piano is adjusted in the same way as adult players.

The child sits on the piano bench, but only on the front half. The thighs do not rest on the seat surface.

Slide the piano bench close enough to the piano so that your knees are just below the front edge of the keys.

Now adjust the height of the piano bench so that the elbows are slightly higher than the keys, but only a few centimeters. The back must be upright and stretched and the upper arms must hang down vertically.

If the child now sits upright and raises his forearms, his fingers will lie on the white keys in front.

But – the feet are now unfortunately hanging in the air. We definitely need to change that, because the feet need to have a flat and firm support so that the child can bend forward while playing.


The easiest way to do this is with a footrest, which you can easily make yourself. You should build them right away so that the height is adjustable between 6 cm and 20 cm in small increments.

The foot bench is positioned so that the thighs are inclined downwards by about 15° – 20° and the lower legs are vertical.

Please remember that your child is growing and check the settings regularly.

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