Noble Wood

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Your premium piano bench

Fine craftsmanship with matt oiled precious woods and seat covers in a wide range of colors.
Individual matching of timbers and colors to your piano.

100% Made
in Germany

Made by hand &
with precision

Sustainable design &

Directly to you
wihtout intermediaries

Your perfect position in seconds

A small twist of the knob and the seat slides up.
You take a seat, turn again and let yourself glide gently to your personal seat height.
Very slowly or just as fast as you like.

Adjustment with Fingertip feeling

The twist grip requires only the strength of your fingertips. You sit upright and can put one hand on the keyboard. Even in concert, optimize your seat height without leaving your focus.
Oeko tex standard 100 11 2022

Supports your posture

An upright upper body allows free movement of the arms as well as more space for the internal organs and deeper breathing. This is a good basis for a concentrated yet relaxed time at the piano.

We have developed padding for the Glissando piano benches that gently and effectively supports the pelvis and back. Special foams with a balanced combination of thickness, firmness and compression lie on a firm wooden base and are stretched with a tightly fitted seat cover.

Breathable & Easy Care

Glissando seat covers are designed to provide pleasant comfort in any situation.

We would like to especially recommend our vegan leathers: The cover in leather haptic is made in Germany and convinces especially with high seating comfort, breathability and wear resistance.

We source our cow leather from a manufacturer in Austria that adheres to the highest environmental standards.
Left: Vegan, Right: Cow Leather

Only hear what is important

Glissando piano benches are silent. We pay special attention to this during the production of the mechanisms. The frames are tapped and firmly glued according to good craftsmanship tradition. So that nothing creaks or squeaks.

Regional &
Made in Germany

Our subcontractors for metal components, carpentry and painting are carefully selected regional master craftsmen. This enables short distances - in transport as well as in communication.

One product
for eternity

We want to give you a product that will accompany you forever. In addition to high-quality manufacturing, we offer an all-round service that allows you to have any component - and we mean that literally - repaired or replaced at any time. Whether frame, mechanics or upholstery.



It displays the set seat height in centimeters. Every piano student will find the perfect position within a few seconds.

Material: polished stainless steel, black laser engraving

Vegan Leather

Firm yet soft to the touch, thickness about 1.4 mm.
Due to its special wear resistance and easy cleaning, it has established itself in public and medical areas.

Unlike cowhide, the vegan cover shows no signs of wear even with intensive use.
Vegan Leather

Cow Leather

Embossed and through-dyed cowhide made from European bull hides. Thickness about 1.4 mm. High values in terms of abrasion and light fastness. Easy to clean and stain resistant surface.

It is typical for leather that the surface smooths and polishes with time.
Cow Leather
glissando konfigurieren edelholz





Technical data

46-58 cm

Width (incl. knob)
64,5 cm

Seat width
57 cm

Seat depth
35 cm

Pad thickness
3,5 cm

Seat height
46-58 cm

Adjustment time
up (fast) 1s
down (fast) 3s
down (slow, adjustable) 3-30s

Wooden frame
12,6 kg

Steel frame
16,6 kg

static: 160kg

Plywood, Pine wood
Polyurethane foam (Made in Germany, Ökotex-100 certificate)

Vegan: 1.4 mm thick (Made in Germany with sustainability rating)
Beef: covered and embossed, approx. 1.4 mm thick

Solid beech wood, Black piano lacquer on the basis of cellulose nitrate

Solid precious woods, matt oiled, biological wood oils based on linseed oil and tung oil (solvent-free, vegan)

Steel frame matt black powder coated, polyamide, swivel handles beech wood lacquered